Happy Birthday And 1 Year Anniversary,
Apostle Nikomia!

What Happens When Two
Soul Mates Are Joined Together
Like ONE!

Message From Elisabeth To Nikomia...
My Dearest Darling Husband,
Your first birthday I celebrated with you, I gave you a single rose and a stuffed huggy bear that said hugs and love Now I give you another rose a year later and I am the only one that you need to give you hugs. Please think about the words in this poem for YAHUVEH told me to send them to you. I am so grateful for the day you obeyed YAHUVEH and came from Minnesota to Arkansas way. If you had not obeyed that day would we be celebrating our marriage, love and your birthday this day? I will always love you now and for all eternity. Your beloved "schoolgirl" forever and eternity. Your Wife and soulmate and best friend on earth...Elisabeth From your Beloved Wife Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah 2.11.2003 FEBRUARY 11, 2003 IS A SPECIAL DAY WE WANT TO CELEBRATE WITH OUR PARTNERS IN THIS MINISTRY and anyone else who cares to know.

Today is my beloved husband Apostle Nikomia’s 43rd birthday as well as the 1 year anniversary that he took over as the Male leader to this Ministry before we even had our first kiss Or even acknowledged each other as more then a Sister or Brother in YAHUSHUA. If you think it was easy for me to do this you are wrong, but I know the voice of YAHUVEH and I trust YAHUVEH for he doesn’t make mistakes. I soon found out the blessing that YAHUVEH gave me when he ordained Nikomia to be the head of this ministry and I find it a joy not only a relief to have a male head not only over this ministry but in this household and yes that includes a husband who is the covering and male head over me.

Wives there are so many benefits in obeying our husbands and submitting to them. I speak to the Wives who have GODLY Husbands full of the anointing of the HOLY SPIRIT GODLY husbands who love and put YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA first in their lives, love the men who serve YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA living a life of Holiness before their wives. I don’t say this to the Wives who have heathen husbands and mock what their wives believe in. Submitting to a heathen husband is not a joy and there are no benefits for if he could he would lead you to the pit of hell, for you wives we pray YAHUSHUA will deliver you as he is no respecter of persons and what he did for me I believe YAHUVEH will also do for you if you can hold onto your faith and continue to believe this reward in the name of YAHUSHUA for the GLORY of YAHUVEH a HOLY loving Husband you will receive!

I also have been asked many times how my husband and I first met and how we know that we are each others GOD YAHUVEH ordained soul mate , and why we knew that we were to marry and how I knew he was the one that was prophesied to me 14 years ago now by YAHUVEH speaking to me in a dream.

Below is a true love story for our marriage is truly ordained from Heaven. Not just anyone can be called a soul mate and if your wondering how you will know whether the man or woman you know is your soul mate the other half of your soul just as surely as Eve was the other half of Adam’s ribs then read what we have discovered by the wisdom of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA. My prayer for everyone reading this is that you will find your soul mate and find the happiness, laughter, love, anointing that we share in YAHUSHUA’S name for YAHUVEH’S Glory! When you do you will know Heaven on Earth. Please for those that have not read my testimony under my picture at


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Please go and compare these two testimonies.

* * * * * * *

November 26, 2002 my soul mate and now YAHUVEH ordained husband literally appeared at my door in Arkansas. Niko had been someone I knew as a partner for 3 years who gave occasionally a tithe or offering. My beloved Niko was browsing the internet looking for info on Y2k and came across a woman that was trying to warn people her name is Linda Courtney a good friend for many years now and has several prophesies posted at the Ministry Site she is the reason we met because she was giving the URL to our Ministry Site and Niko recognized YAHUVEH’S voice in the prophesies wrote me a postal letter and that was how YAHUVEH brought us together, he started following the truths in the Ministry and tithing financially as a Partner in the Ministry.

I had spoken to him by phone when he called me several times but still only knew him slightly. When Niko heard I was leaving Canada (Nova Scotia) Where I had been ministering and was being led by the HOLY SPIRIT to minister in Arkansas he says that YAHUVEH told him he was also relocating to Arkansas. Niko lived an outdoorsman's dream. Niko lived a life of fishing Walleye and hunting in Minnesota. Niko lived in a log cabin in seclusion alone with nature and his creator YAHUVEH and his SAVIOUR YAHUSHUA. His ministry consisted of teaching others what he had learned from this ministry, bringing souls to YAHUSHUA, teaching about the truths of the prophesies. After I met him I found out he had read all the prophesies given to me many times he had committed them to his memory. Niko also was doing the work of an evangelist. Niko’s other occupation was building bed and breakfast inn's and being a guide to hunters and fishermen. Niko was single and lived a life of Holiness and celibacy waiting for YAHUVEH to bring him his wife and soul mate if that was YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA'S will.

Niko was surprised when the YAHUVEH spoke to his heart and told him to sell everything and move to where ever I was living and offer his help to this ministry in whatever way we needed help. Niko tested the spirit that spoke this to his heart for he had been following this ministry for approximately 3 years and he says when he saw my picture he fell in love with me and it was as if he already knew me. Niko said I looked like an angel and he felt like he had always known me. Still my Beloved loved me from afar and never told me nor gave a hint that he was my beloved, he said he didn't think he was anointed enough to be my GOD ordained Husband.

Niko prayed for my soul mate and the husband YAHUVEH had chosen for me before I was born to come to me. Niko wept over the bone of my bone poem as he felt my pain and loneliness and he believed and discerned that the poem was speaking of him yet he didn't think he was anointed enough to be the man that had been promised to me for nearly 13 years. Niko told me one night he listened to me speaking that poem 7 times in a row! Weeping and praying for me he said his desire was to protect me and he saw the part of me that I keep so well hidden and that is the little girl part that is so vulnerable.

Other men who over the years came and went YAHUVEH calls them the Nikomia wannabee's these men only seen the anointing of the Apostle or Prophet not the vulnerable childlike part of me. I tired of waiting so long for my GOD ordained husband and soul mate to come, the one who is ordained to be the Earthly Leader in this World wide Ministry so I made several mistakes and fell in love with the idea of being in love. I knew none was anointed enough to take over the reins of this ministry and to be the strong anointed husband I was promised by YAHUVEH. One man named David only wanted to use this ministry to promote the seventh day Adventist Church while all along he tried to tell me he had saw the false doctrine in the SDA (Seventh Day Adventist) Church when I realized he had lied to me and he said either believe SDA way or I was a false prophet that’s when I had to face the truth I got my heart broken because I became impatient for the true Soul mate to come and realized I wasn’t in love but fell in love with the idea of being romanced and loved. Another Nikomia wannabee came and this time the heart break only got worse and again I blame myself YAHUVEH always ended it before I placed these men in the leadership role of my life and ministry and father to my sons.

These men were called to be tested and none were chosen to be my husband and leader of this ministry and father to my sons from a previous marriage in the worlds eyes. None of these men were my soul mate and only ONE could be that special man since when his soul was formed the other half was missing, like Adams rib. YAHUVEH showed me this truth everyone male and female was meant to have a soul mate there is a void put in a soul that nothing can fill, first the love for YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and then there is another void for love there that only your soul mate can fill. Most in this world marry and never find their true soul mate for they married according to the flesh and not the HOLY SPIRIT.

Niko says he respects and acknowledges the Apostle and prophet and woman part of me but the part of me that he loves the most and still does is the vulnerable, little girl that few ever see. Niko says the desire to protect and shelter me from harm was great and of course since we have met and married the desire has only grown stronger. My beloved soul mate and now husband seen beyond the anointing and so few people ever even try to do that. I once thought everyone expected me to be an Apostle/Prophet 24 hours a day to only stay under the anointing. I have a good friend named Olga who I met through this ministry she is a partner in the Ministry for years now and lives in Canada. She said something to me that touches my heart to this day. Olga said even if I wasn’t an Apostle or Prophet she would love me as a friend anyway. She also sees beyond the anointing and she lets me be me just like my husband does.

Sometimes it gets exhausting to walk in the anointing 24 hours a day and not be allowed to be just a woman. Most won’t understand that statement it has nothing to do with sin but it has to do with just being a normal woman. There are those reading this that does understand even YAHUSHUA had to take a boat go to the other side of the Lake and take a break from ministering. Until I married my beloved I seldom rested unless sick, and tried to not sleep for many days in a row. I ignored my emotional pain by concentrating and praying and ministering under the anointing to others in pain. How few people knew that I was being stalked and abused, threatened with death, fighting to maintain child custody to a ex husband in the eyes of this world. It is in my Testimony on the Ministry site.

Niko started out as an acquaintance a brother in YAHUSHUA and a partner in this ministry as so many other men have been. I never expected to even meet him. I did not know in the background that he was being told to sacrifice everything he had even his material possessions and job to come to me. I was ministering in Arkansas days away from moving to another section of Arkansas when I received a phone call from Niko. Where he lived he didn’t even have a phone because of the seclusion in the woods in Minnesota so phone calls from this partner in the ministry was rare and so was letters most of the time he would just send a money order for his tithe. I answered the phone and I told him I was moving and here is the new phone no. He said he was told by YAHUVEH to move to Arkansas and he was to help me move. He apologized because he didn’t come as quickly as YAHUSHUA had told him to come but he was trying to sell his SUV and other possessions. He said he would be meeting me and asked for my new address. I gave it to him and never thought he would really come. Many offer to help this ministry but so few actually ever do anything that I assumed he was just talking and would not follow through and I would not be meeting him in person.

My life changed 1 day before Thanksgiving last year 2002. I was relocating from one side of Arkansas (Conway) to close to Eureka, Arkansas. Our Heavenly Father YAHUVEH had just given me a gift of a beautiful duplex rental a home, secluded high on a mountain including a full empty apartment downstairs and entire huge house upstairs at a reasonable price, Where I would live with my teen son. I was leaving the apartment in Conway for the last time and moving out in less then a half hour no one would have been able to reach me at the only phone no. they had. The phone would be disconnected for the last time.

I was late packing the computer, late leaving, for I wanted to be in Eureka pass the dangerous mountain roads before dark and darkness was about 3 or 4 hours away. Something kept holding me back as one email after another came in. I knew YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA were having me delayed and I was waiting to see what the purpose was.

Then as I was about to sign off and pack the computer the phone rang. Excitedly I picked it up and said Hello knowing this was the reason I was delayed! On the other end of the phone was Niko, aka ***** he now goes by his Nickname. I said so your the reason I was delayed for in another moment the phone would have been disconnected along with the computer. Niko said he was praying and all of a sudden he heard YAHUVEH say, "Call Elisabeth NOW!" He didn't have a phone in the log cabin so went to town to obey. I told Niko I was moving and didn't have a phone no. to give him yet.

Niko said he was to tell me he would be moving also to Arkansas after he sold his possessions and asked for my address. I gave him the new address as he said he would be coming to meet me. I thought sure I hear that a lot of the time and dismissed the thought as another man saying something that he would not follow through. Still I felt peace and joy in hearing my brother in YAHUSHUA’S voice. Now I could move for all delay had ended as I hung up the phone.

I moved into the new house on Thanksgiving Day 2002 with my 12 year old son. We had just begun to unwind and unpack when 4 days later a knock came at the door and it was Niko! My Sister in YAHUSHUA (Sharon) was with me and I had just finished saying as I walked into this huge living room "I pray if that man is coming he doesn’t come too quickly for I am exhausted and this place is a mess with needing unpacking" I stood in the Living Room in my long red robe to my ankles and hair still not brushed for I had just awoken from a restlessness night of sleep so sure this man would not come for YAHUVEH would warn me if he was really coming.

Then I heard a voice and it was a man who knocked on the door downstairs to the other apartment and I caught a glimpse of him as he was speaking with Sharon. I ran for my bedroom for there I stood in my long red bathrobe and since I had just awoken my very long hair was a tangled mess! No makeup on! Not even my famous trademark my black eyeliner! Yikes I hate surprise visits like this! And as I was running to the other side of the house I spoke out loud and asked YAHUSHUA why this was happening and who was that man really? Could he be my true soul mate that I had long waited for? I mean why was my heart pounding so fast and I felt dizzy and faint? Men don’t cause me to react this way what was wrong with me? I heard YAHUSHUA say "allow me some surprises Elisabeth" YAHUSHUA’S tone was light and full of laughter. I said to myself "oh oh could this really be true and while I was out looking for my beloved soul mate all over the world YAHUVEH brings him right to my door?

I was praying the entire time who is this man that has come here and why has he been sent at this time? I had just decided I no longer needed a husband nor would look for the man that YAHUVEH spoke to me in a dream on December 10, 1988: "Listen Elisabeth, I have indeed ordained a husband for you and his name is Nikomia, he is a living prophet of GOD but don’t ask me the date". I saw visions of my soul mate and heard his voice awake me from sleep and my sons even saw him in open visions and dreams. Why was I feeling so nervous and frightened? Daddy YAHUVEH in the name of YAHUSHUA please answer me could this be my beloved NIKOMIA I have waited nearly 13 years for? 2 weeks shy of 13 years from the man that was prophesied to me in an audible voice of YAHUVEH!

When I heard YAHUVEH or YAHUSHUA (sometimes I am not sure which of them answer me) say in that still small voice but laughter mixed with it " allow me some surprises Elisabeth" I knew then this was NO ORDINARY man! I knew my Daddy YAHUVEH was up to something and it brought Him much delight to surprise me like this.

I had the worst battle with the spirit of fear that day! Sharon entertained him with conversation while I hid at least an hours in the bedroom! In the meantime I was Praying for the nerve to come out of the bedroom. I prayed and all I could feel was my beloved Savior YAHUSHUA and FATHER GOD YAHUVEH laughing at me in great delight. I wanted to share in the laughter but I was too scared. Have you ever prayed for something so hard for so long and then when it really may be happening you’re so frightened that words can’t begin to express the feelings? I was in shock like this can’t be happening! What’s the matter with me?

I was Praying to be able to find my pantyhose I had still packed. Praying to find my contact lenses! Praying what clothes to wear for what IF this was my soul mate my GOD YAHUVEH ordained husband? Praying for YAHUSHUA to steady my shaking hands as I tried to apply the mascara and kept poking myself in the eye! OUCH! Men try putting rubbing alcohol in your eyes sometime and you will know how painful Mascara to lengthen and darken eyelashes can be when a shaky hand accidentally gets it in the eye! Women reading this you know that pain don’t you? Oh what we go through just to appear more attractive. All the prayers I was praying and still I couldn’t stop the shaking in my hands and in the pit of my stomach and the nausea that was rising in my throat from the nervousness and anxiety!

I prayed so hard that I would look pretty and finally I came out of the bedroom for YAHUSHUA let me know it would be rude if I didn't stop hiding from this man that had driven thousands of miles to meet me. I left the bedroom after praying in tongues and tried to put on a brave smile. Again I ask the reader have you ever wanted something so much that when YAHUVEH finally gives it to you the shock of what you prayed for finally happening causes you great fear and nervousness. When YAHUVEH laughed when I asked him IF this was Nikomia that was prophesied and he said "allow me some surprises Elisabeth" I pretty much know my Daddy is saying "YES " Especially since no man ever made me so nervous. And when I am that nervous and frightened its hard for me to walk in the anointing! Darn near impossible! So I felt like I was truly walking in the flesh that day.

There stood this man in my kitchen speaking with Sharon. I went to him and introduced myself outstretched arms to give him a greeting and a brief brotherly hug. I thought I was handling this so cool and calm and now my beloved lets me know he didn't see the bold apostle he saw the frightened little girl side of me!

His eyes met mine and it was like our eyes were locked for a long time and Sharon noticed it. He had been driving for days barely sleeping and only in the truck as he went from Minnesota by the Canadian line to Mid Arkansas. My beloved said how he even had brake problems on the mountain as they overheated and YAHUVEH told him to stop the truck and get out and lay hands on the vehicle and pray and then he waited and asked the angels to fix them and in the name of YAHUSHUA when he was told by YAHUVEH to start the truck back up the Brakes were fixed! Later we found out they were fixed by YAHUVEH temporarily for he had to get new brakes about a week later he put them on. What a miracle when he saw the condition of those brakes! All Praise, Honor and Glory goes to YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA for getting him to Arkansas safely.

Another delay the devil tried to put on him was a storm came up with heavy rain and his windshield wiper broke. Now there are no mechanics or service station on the mountain roads where all this took place. Niko could barely see to drive so he pulled off the road again and asked YAHUSHUA what should he do? YAHUSHUA told him to take his shoestring out of the shoes he wore and to tie it to the broken wiper and pull it from out his window! Laugh if you want but it worked! Those are dangerous roads to be driving with brake problems and no windshield wiper on the driver side.

Another miracle was he had lost my address I gave him over the phone and of course he didn't have our phone no. He remembered some of the directions though and if you saw where that house was located you would have known what a miracle it was when the angels of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA showed him the way to the house! Even people with the address found it hard to find the very secluded road and house hidden on a mountain top.

One last delay was by the time he got to the closet town to me was on a Sunday and YAHUVEH said to him do not go to her without a rose! That meant the florist and stores were closed and he had to wait until Monday Morning till the florist opened up. He obeyed and now he stood there holding out the most beautiful big fragrant rose and it brought tears to my eyes for only I knew the deep significance to that rose.

The last rose was given to me by a Nikomia wannabee (David M.) a man I nearly married in 2000 nearly a year ago to the date my True Nikomia my soul mate came. David was someone that only wanted to use me to get control over this ministry and gave me a choice marry him and use this ministry as a Seventh Day Adventist ministry also admit I was preaching false doctrine, or say "Goodbye", I said GOODBYE!

YAHUSHUA was using Niko's single rose to wipe away and heal a great painful heartbreak of a memory. For those that have followed this ministry for 3 years or more you saw David’s picture and the page that was posted when I introduced him. Every time I would see a rose I would remember the pain of that broken engagement, that is until YAHUSHUA brought me my true Nikomia which in Greek means "victory belongs to me" Now every second of my beloved husband and my life is VICTORY that belongs to both of US and this Ministry, we have that testimony for truly next to our salvation, love of our Messiah YAHUSHUA (Jesus Christ), and the unique anointing, there is no greater victory then being married and loved by one another. We will be authoring an anointed book on what we have learned from our Heavenly Father YAHUVEH and our Messiah YAHUSHUA on how to stay happily married and love each other more each day and the passion for each other only grows more each day. These are secrets our Heavenly Father has taught us that we have learned from no man or woman.

No one has to pray for my beloved YAHUVEH ordained husband and soul mate the other part of this anointing and male covering of this ministry and woman to come into my life again. We are now married and at last we know the meaning of what a soul mate, best friend, and a HOLY anointed marriage is. My beloved and I now have the unique anointing to pray and bring soul mates together in the bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh ministry. (please listen to the poem given to me by YAHUVEH while I slept it has the anointing to bring your soul mate to you if it hasn’t happened already see NavBar at ministry site.)

My darling is truly the best in a man where I had known the worst in men. Both of us now know that marriage is a blessing and not a curse. Both of us were married before in the worlds eyes but never in YAHUVEH'S eyes for we are the first to admit YAHUVEH did not put the other worldly marriages together they were doomed from the start and ordained from hell to discourage us and keep us from finding each other.

We have learned making love in marriage is beautiful and it should always be an ongoing romance that never stops! There is a difference. We have learned together what TRUE LOVE is all about. We have learned that being each others BEST FRIEND starting out in a relationship is the second stepping stone, the first stepping stone is to be equally yoked in Ministry, your love and desire to put YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA first in your life.

When you meet your anointed soul mate the one who is to be your GOD YAHUVEH ordained spouse there will be 3 signs that will come forth. YAHUVEH showed us this. Don't settle for a counterfeit.

1. The anointing will be revealed in the eyes. The first time we met in person, we ate Spaghetti and we couldn't take our eyes off of each others eyes. I saw YAHUVEH'S anointing in his eyes as well as a reflection of my self. He saw the anointing in my eyes and he knew that he has always known me. I feel the same. You start out as best friends not lovers nor even boyfriend and girlfriend.

2. Friendship is one of the most important things you need in a marriage, if anyone is your best friend other then your spouse you probably didn’t marry your soul mate. On this earth we are each others best friend and we completely trust one another. We know that others may fail us but we always will defend one another. We highly respect one another and encourage one another to do more for YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA to please our GOD and bring a smile to our Creator and Savior’s face. A soul mate knows the importance of the loving relationship with YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and the HOLY SPIRIT anointing which includes the calling on each others life and never tries to come between it. You will get along so great better then anyone you ever knew very comfortable with each other. You will love each other for who they are and not want to change them.

3. The next sign is the anointing in the hands. This sign had me fooled first of all for we didn’t hold hands to start with he was my sons teacher for home school and my body guard to protect me from ex husband as well as other demonic possessed people out in this world. The first time he held my hand, his hand was sweaty for he was nervous because I was in pain. The second time we were in a Messianic Church in Eureka Arkansas and people were singing songs of praise and YAHUVEH told me to take his hand and pray for the anointing in me to be imparted also to him, we were standing side by side and I did this. My darling husband now tells me he felt the powerful anointing in that prayer but couldn’t understand what was happening. I looked at him and wondered how he was still standing up for the anointing was so strong on me and many times when I pray for others the anointing comes on them so strong they fall under the power of the HOLY SPIRIT yet he kept standing on his feet smiling, we attended church 5 days after he arrived.

I still hadn’t had the sign yet that he was my beloved soul mate for I hadn’t discerned the anointing in his hands and told another prophet this. Kathy told me that a bird in a hand is worth two in a bush and she gave me a prophetic word that he was my soul mate and the anointing would be revealed in the touch of his hand.

So the next Shabbat we had a unexpected partner visit us from Wisconsin and as my beloved read the Torah on Shabbat eve we held each others hand to pray sitting side by side on the couch and that is when the anointing hit BOTH of us so strong it was like electricity was coursing through our veins and we couldn’t let go of one another’s hands. Wendy sat there not quite understanding the magnitude of this. I don’t think my beloved understood the magnitude but I laid a fleece if this was the Nikomia I was waiting for then the anointing would be in our hands. Always in my dreams about My Nikomia the anointing was in the hands as we touched. Now we can’t stop holding one another’s hands for the anointing only increases each time. Many times one or both of our hands go completely numb as we lightly hold each others hands and YAHUVEH says that is because the anointing is too much for the flesh to handle.

Truly the anointing in me has been imparted in my beloved husband and he became the most anointed man I have ever met. I needed to have a man more anointed then me for I needed this to be able to respect him for the anointing on him also. I can’t explain it but a woman always wants a man to know more then her, and to be stronger then her, and yes I wanted him to be more anointed then me. YAHUSHUA and YAHUVEH speak to my beloved and he has a unique anointing I struggle with and that is praying only for the next step he doesn’t want YAHUVEH prophesying 20 steps ahead of time and I do for this is the way YAHUVEH has always anointed me and I get uncomfortable when I don’t know things way in advance. His faith only needs the next step so in some ways I believe my Nikomia has greater faith then I do. How many times my beloved husband says to me "don’t worry everything will be all right" even when it looks like it won’t he sees it already worked out and that is what happens. Truly his anointing is for VICTORY just like his name says.

I want to add don’t let race, age, appearance, career, or lack of one stop you from accepting your soul mate. The main thing you will have in common is your intense love for YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and the desire to serve them. Still not just any Christian believer can be your soul mate for everyone has a different personality and someone was made just for each of us. That soul mate will be your perfect balance where you are weak he or she will be strong and vice versa. For instance my darling is the calm one and I am the one that easily panics. My darling is physically strong, and I am weak. I am more apt to display a temper and he is the patient one. My darling husband is not afraid to show his emotions and I try hard to block them. In my life I thought tears would show I was weak and didn’t want the devil to know that he succeeded in hurting me so I would deny the pain and tears. My beloved husband has taught me that tears are healing and I am not to bottle up the pain anymore for it only comes out in other ways like attacks on my health. I never trusted a person on the face of this earth to weep in their arms for I always thought even as a young child I had to be strong, I am learning that I can trust someone and he is not only my best friend on earth, my soul mate, but my husband and now leader of this ministry.

4. The last sign this is your soul mate YAHUVEH will seal with a Kiss. Niko and I met Thanksgiving of 2001 and even though he lived downstairs and we saw each other daily we never did anything more then give a quick sisterly hug mainly good bye or good night and once I kissed him on the cheek for his birthday Feb. 11. We did a Jericho March around the outside of the house for 7 days starting Feb. 14, of 2002 nearly everything we marched for we now have answered. One pray was if he was really my beloved soul mate and GOD ordained husband that all mountains would be removed and I would have a sign that I couldn’t deny for all this time when people would say that Niko is your beloved soul mate I would make excuses that we were not even boyfriend or girl friend yet. Maybe GOD made him so Holy that if he was my soul mate something was overlooked? These were questions I asked YAHUVEH for my beloved soul mate in my dreams was romantic and here it was Feb. and he never even looked at me in any way but a best friend and as a sister and of course respected the anointing.

Never was Niko dominating in anyway. YAHUVEH surprised me one morning by waking me up and telling me to put Nikomia in charge of my finances and the finances of the ministry. Oh that didn’t set well with me at all for I had a ex husband that controlled me that way and I said never again would a man do that to me! Now YAHUVEH was testing me to see if I would obey and I did. Remember I hadn’t even been kissed yet by this man. No assurance yet we would even marry and now I was told to hand over the check book and finances to a man that I just met a few months ago.

I remember Niko would suggest something like I shouldn’t call other men Hon, or babe, and I said I mean no harm that is part of my loving sisterly personality, and he said I should reserve those words for my soon coming husband. I wouldn’t want to receive his words of wisdom and would literally hide in my bedroom for up to 4 days one time until YAHUVEH would speak audibly to me awakening me and tell me NIKO is right and I must apologize to him and admit YAHUVEH vindicated him, he was right and I was wrong.


Today is February 11, 2003, and it is now my beloved husbands 43rd birthday as well as the day I was told by YAHUVEH to announce before the world that Nikomia is now the earthly leader of this ministry and I am second in command. I was told by YAHUVEH to announce to the world on Feb. 11 2002 that Nikomia was now the leader of this ministry. I want everyone to know that he was surprised with that I did this as much as I was surprised that YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA told me to do this.

I did this before I even had my first kiss! I did this because YAHUVEH told me to obey and trust him. I never had trusted a man before and now I was told to turn over the ministry and announce a new earthly leader to this ministry a man that I had no proof as far as I was concerned that he was my beloved soul mate. What if I was wrong the devil tormented me with those words as satan reminded me I have labored with blood, sweat and tears fighting through years of abuse of every kind and mockery in all ways, went into great debt giving every dime I had to this ministry, never asking for a dime for airfare or food or lodgings when I ministered even in Canada. I have risked my life, it took a toll on my physical and emotional health as I burned the candle at both ends never thinking I could give enough to the people, and to YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA, going through court battles to maintain child custody at the same time running and hiding from a homicidal maniac all because I desire to be able to help others and lead them to YAHUSHUA.

Where was this man when I was going through all this labor? And now I am told by YAHUVEH to hand the reins over to a man? I questioned YAHUVEH and wondered if I had gone insane or done something wrong? I always knew when my soul mate Nikomia came that it would be like an atom bomb hit as the two anointing came together and I looked forward to him coming and taking the leadership role off of these female shoulders. The strange part was when YAHUVEH told me to do this I struggled with obeying but I did albeit I did feel inferior and as though I was being tossed aside after a mother gives birth and watches a child grow only to have someone else come and take over the leadership role.

I prayed a fleece and asked YAHUVEH for a sign I obeyed YAHUVEH and now I asked for proof that this man was truly my GOD ordained husband and soul mate. I didn’t have to wait long. Things started heating up real fast where Niko didn’t look at me like I was anything more then a sister I can’t explain it but we grew closer and his comments and looks were different. On the last day of the Jericho Feb. 21 2002 we always marched at Midnight around the outside of the house holding hands with my son. As we got to the porch steps and he was ready to open the door he stopped and stared at me in the eyes. I said to myself he is going to kiss me. I could feel the intense love in his eyes and I could feel the silence in the spiritual realm like something great is going to happen. Imagine my surprise when he broke the eye contact and opened the door to let me in. We quickly said goodnight and he went downstairs to his apartment without even a sisterly hug goodnight.

No one knows the beating satan gave me that night as I sat in the dark of the Living Room on the couch. I wept silently in the dark huge sobs tearing out of my throat for surely this can’t be my soul mate and GOD ordained husband that was promised to me 13 years ago? Surely he is a nice man and a loving brother in YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA but I must be a false prophet and satan must be playing a joke on me for now I have fallen deeply in love with a man handed over the ministry and finances that doesn’t even have the desire to kiss me or look at me in any other way then a Sister, friend, and Pastor.

I could hear satan and his demons laugh at me in the spiritual realm and when I prayed for answers to YAHUVEH I got none. I could discern the angels were saddened by my sobs also. I can’t explain it but I just know. Then the light came on the Kitchen and I was startled by the light blinding me, and quickly hiding my tear stained face and brushing the tears aside there stood Niko asking me what I was still up for and why I was sitting in the dark? I told him because I just felt like it and to please don’t be concerned. He shrugged his shoulders and said Ok and I knew he knew I had been crying. If I remember right even my son awoke and caught me crying right after Niko went back downstairs to his apartment. I finally went to bed angry because I had just fell in love with a man I was sure would never feel for me the same way for YAHUVEH said the sign that Niko was my GOD ordained soul mate would be sealed in the kiss. He said that lips are shaped like two rainbows for when a male and female soul mate kiss it is the sealing of a promise, just like a covenant between the two of them and their FATHER GOD CREATOR YAHUVEH.


On February 23, 2002 Niko, my son and I had been playing UNO, a card game. I had buried my hurt feelings and instead laughter had taken its place. My son went to the bed room to watch TV and I and Niko were saying goodnight and we put our arms out to give each other a friendly hug goodnight which was common and for some reason we went to kiss each other on the cheek this night which sometimes we did meaning nothing sexual in it. This night we went to give a brief hug and a quick kiss on the cheek but something strange happened, our lips hit a force field that’s the only way I can explain it and we didn’t kiss each others cheeks we kissed for the first time on the lips. Neither of us intended this and both of us laughed and were shocked. (later YAHUVEH explained our two angels both put up their hands on each side of his face and mine and our lips met in the center as we hit the force field of the angels)

I was embarrassed not understanding how this happened until I prayed. Later I found out that my beloved all along loved me and knew we were soul mates and that I would become his wife and he wasn’t surprised as I nor was embarrassed. He also confessed to me YAHUVEH told him to kiss me that night on the porch steps but he chickened out! The only time I can say my beloved has been a coward in any way. Ha-ha, he will tease me for admitting this before the whole world but he knows it is true. The next night Feb. 24, 2002 I found out just how much Niko did think of me as a beautiful woman for the next kiss in the kitchen over a heart shaped meat loaf I made he didn’t need the angels to put up a force field to get our lips to meet. My darling taught me what true love and anointing in a kiss is all about! He still shows me every waking moment in more ways then I can begin to count a day. We are together 24 hours a day and never get enough of being together.

I just want everyone to know when YAHUVEH audibly spoke the words to me in the poem called bone of my bone I quote this part where YAHUVEH says " I will have to give a new meaning to the word quick" Just weeks later we were married even though I thought I would have a big lavish wedding I realized that was just for others benefits truly the ceremony that counts the most is the one before YAHUVEH the others are witnesses to your marriage but YAHUVEH is the one that truly marries you and binds to soul mates into One. We also learned that soul mates are not to wait once a year to celebrate the marriage covenant but rather every month. My beloved and I will be renewing the wedding vows very shortly in a private ceremony. When you celebrate your anniversary monthly instead of yearly you will forever remain newlyweds. YAHUVEH himself taught us this also we don’t take for granted the coming together as one flesh without first anointing one another and asking YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA to love us through each other. We thank YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA for their love only makes ours stronger and we thank them for their passion for it only increases more each day as well as our love.

It has been prophesied many times that my husband and I will hold marriage seminars and be authors of best selling books on Marriage and deliverance for Christian couples. We humbly admit that everything we have learned we have learned either through mistakes or also at the feet of the throne of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA.

I leave you with these words YAHUVEH taught my Husband and I as he spoke forth from a prophetic message given to me. Overwhelming anointed love will over come anything! Valentines Day is quickly approaching and it is a day that is suppose to celebrate true love. Marriages get in trouble when they rely on one or two days a year to show true love. Every day should be like a Valentines Day for Born again Holy Spirit filled couple who put YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA first in their lives and marriage. Check out the Bone of my Bone poem that YAHUVEH gave me in a dream as he spoke it to me it is on the site index map. Husbands ask yourself are you the best husband you can be? Dare to compare your opinion to YAHUVEH’S requirements of a good husband. Although this poem was written for my soul mate and now husband before we even laid eyes on each other on earth, I can honestly say he fits ALL of YAHUVEH’S requirements and although he warned me not to put him on a pedestal I am allowed too for who knows him better on earth then his wife best friend and soul mate other then our Heavenly Father YAHUVEH and our Savior YAHUSHUA.


There is no other man on the face of this earth that could handle this anointed woman but my soul mate. My darling has taught me that the color of my platinum hair doesn’t impress him, my make up doesn’t impress him, my pretty clothes doesn’t impress him, he doesn’t care that I am not at my perfect weight, and he doesn’t care that I am no longer 21, all this is superficial beauty he has taught me. My beloved husband looks beyond the anointing and he loves me for the woman with qualities like a vulnerable child that I have tried hard to hide but nothing can be hidden from your soul mate. YAHUVEH has taught my husband and I what true love is and how beautiful Marriage can be when it allows the love of our Creator and Savior to flow through both of us. My beloved is teaching me balance something I am striving to learn putting the family needs even before the Ministry needs. 

In closing there could be no finer earthly leader to this Ministry or husband or Father to our sons. In my lifetime I never learned anything from a man until I met my beloved now I learn new things daily by him. It has taken all night and most of the day to write this but I am confessing my love and admiration and gratitude to the whole world for Apostle Nikomia and one day everyone that ever said a prayer for my Soul Mate to come and the Male head to this Ministry to come forth will meet us in Heaven and meet us face to face. I know this there is no way any couple could love each other more then we do. I know there is no way any marriage could have more laughter and love and anointing then what we have. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLING I WILL FOREVER PRAISE YAHUVEH FOR CREATING YOUR SOUL AND JOINING MINE TOGETHER WITH YOU!

Love and Blessings in the name of YAHUSHUA for the GLORY of YAHUVEH.

Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah


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