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Hello Elisabeth!

I'm just writing to you to let you know that through hearing "A Citizen In Hell", I was finally saved! For the longest time I knew that I believed in the LORD, but I always continued to live my life as though HE wasn't with me. I recently had gotten closer to GOD due to many things going on in my life.

I also knew that I needed some sort of push leading me to HIM. During the first few minutes of the song, I felt the LORD speaking through me and asking me to repent. I began to remember all the sins I had been committing without any remorse whatsoever. I felt an intense fear that I cannot even begin to express through words, but I can assure you that my life was forever changed as I began to pray and asked the LORD to forgive me, to cleanse my soul. And I accepted YAHUSHUA into my heart and told HIM that I was and am still accepting HIM as my LORD and SAVIOUR.

The LORD has since then blessed me with amazing miracles and I feel HIM at all times, listening to me. I thank you and the LORD for having forwarded this message to everyone. May GOD bless you Elisabeth. UGLY SEED Brings Forth Most BEAUTIFUL FRUIT!


Elisabeth's Reply, 11/14/98

OH Beloved in YAHUSHUA Messiah! I am so full of Joy that I can barely type!

Welcome to the Kingdom of Heaven! Now I know you will be there to meet me face to face! What is your first name? I have to look for you in Heaven. Do you know EVERY Angel in Heaven rejoices at just ONE soul coming to YAHUSHUA Messiah? I will always remember this day . Whenever anyone comes to YAHUSHUA I know the price I have to pay , and its Heavy ! EVERYTHING! I have gone through in life paying the price for the anointing to be the minister God made me has ALL BEEN WORTH IT!

To hear YOUR confession that this little UGLY Frightening yet TRUTHFUL song "A CITIZEN IN HELL"that UGLY seed that is planted is bringing forth the most beautiful fruit and it is called SALVATION! To know that you my darling will NOT taste the fires of Hell , or sing the song of " A CITIZEN IN HELL" is more rewarding then ANYTHING on earth!

Other Pastors receive Salary's but I have the promise of YAHUSHUA Messiah, that is MORE PRECIOUS then any amount of money in the whole world! I know when I die I get to take the knowledge that YAHUSHUA used me to LEAD it is prophesied Millions of souls like you to the feet of YAHUSHUA Messiah at Calvary! OH THANK YOU YAHUSHUA ! There is NO greater JOY or Gift then to be used to snatch someone out of the firey hand of Satan as he is about to devour them into the mouth of Hell!

Don't let anyone steal your salvation away! This is a Choice you made. Did you say the salvation Prayer at the Internet Church? Do you know any Born again Christians? Satan will come at you and tell you your not saved the first time you sin. DON"T BELIEVE HIM! YAHUSHUA Messiah doesn't clean up his fish until after he catches them. ALL of us still must say " YAHUSHUA Please forgive me of any sins i have done today" A sin is anything you know YAHUSHUA Messiah who is Pure HOLY wouldn't do . But remember your a new babe in Christ, don't expect to be PERFECT for their is but ONE perfect person and its YAHUSHUA Messiah!

If your a man I can put you in touch with FULL GOSPEL MENS BUISNESS ASSOCIATION. My dearest Brother I call a trusted friend leads souls to YAHUSHUA and would love to help you grow in YAHUSHUA Messiah . If you would perfer I am here for you. But the main point is you must have someone you keep in touch with who will encourage you to keep walking by FAITH and NOT by SIGHT!

I will send you the song on tape "Citizen in Hell" if you give me the address where to send it . YAHUSHUA Messiah is coming Back , I believe So VERY quickly! Remember they laughed the whole time Noah was building the ark also , Until the rain started pouring! and the rain of God's Wrath is going to start pouring very quickly! The ark doors are being to Shut even as I speak these words! But darling you have made the decision NOT to be caught in the rain of Almighty God Jehovah's Wrath! You have decided to enter in the ARk door! What a wise Person you are!

Thank you YAHUSHUA Messiah for your Shed Blood of Calvary that NOW has washed away ALL of our Sins!

Thank you YAHUSHUA for giving US the Holy Spirit as our Teacher and Comforter! The Holy Spirit that leads US right into your Loving ARMS! Thank you YAHUSHUA for being willing to suffer for me on that Cross , you were Tortured in MY Place! Your Blood was Spilled in MY PLACE! YAHUSHUA you took MY Place at Calvary and DIED for ME! was BEATEN 39 times so I could recieve HEALING when the devil dumps sickness on this weak flesh! You Paid the Price for ME YAHUSHUA because YOU love me THAT MUCH!

You Died for ME and Arose again from the DEAD for ME! Thank you for coming into my heart! Thank you for forgiving me of ALL my Sins!


THE BLOOD OF YAHUSHUA Messiah IS AGAINST EVERY DEMON SENT FROM HELL TO TRY AND TORMENT ME! YOU HAVE NO CLAIM ON ME SATAN! I BELONG TO THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN ! I AM CHILD OF YAHUSHUA Messiah! FROM THIS DAY FORWARD! I call YAHUSHUA Messiah, AlMIGHTY GOD! LORD and SAVIOR! I break every curse sent against me in the name of YAHUSHUA Messiah! The blood Of YAHUSHUA Messiah is against every Curse and its rendered null void and Powerless! Back off Satan, you have NO CLAIM ON ME!

My name is writen in the Lambs book of Life,and Heaven is going to be my HOME one day! Thank you YAHUSHUA Messiah! My Lord and Savior help me live each day for you as though it were my last! My desire to Live HOLY for YOU YAHUSHUA Messiah let it ONLY GROW more each day! My LOVE for you YAHUSHUA help it to GROW MORE for you each day! My desire to KNOW YOU YAHUSHUA let it grow more each day! Help me to read your Bible so I will know more about you. Help me to lead others to you YAHUSHUA! Help me YAHUSHUA to realize I am NEVER going to be PERFECT but I am FORGIVEN! and when I do sin, help me YAHUSHUA to CALL OUT TO YOU IMMIDIATLY AND SAY YAHUSHUA PLEASE FORGIVE ME , HELP ME TO TURN AWAY FROM THIS SIN THAT OFFENDS YOU! HELP ME TO LIVE HOLY BEFORE YOU AND BE A GOOD WITNESS FOR YOU ! HELP ME YAHUSHUA TO LIVE BY FAITH AND NOT BY SIGHT!

Please YAHUSHUA My Lord and Savior, Count me WORTHY to be called your Bride and take me HOME to Heaven with you when you come again! I LOVE YOU YAHUSHUA Messiah Now and FOREVER MORE! I AM YOURS! THANK YOU for ACCEPTING ME just AS I AM ! Please bring other Believers to encourage my walk with you . Please show me how to use the gifts of the Holy Spirit you have given me. Although I don't understand who the Holy Spirit is Please let me feel the comforter, and hear my teacher! Please YAHUSHUA Baptize me in your Holy Spirit NOW! I desire all the gifts of the Holy Spirit ! I recieve the good you have stored up for me! Help me to live each day for you from this moment on making me a NEW CHILD OF YAHUSHUA Messiah! AMEN

Ok now say that again and this time know what your saying is REAL for the Holy Spirit just anointed me to GIVE you those words! Every WORD was written JUST FOR YOU! Daddy God YAHUSHUA knows what you need to say. So if you will say this at least once a day until you can speak to YAHUSHUA in your own words, these words will take root and GROW into BEAUTIFUL FRUIT! Believe these words , don't just repeat them. you must BELIEVE what you are saying.

I am so grateful you wrote me , sometimes the load gets so heavy I wonder if its worth being called Pastor. But Beloved its when I get rewards like your email , knowing someone is listening and getting saved! that makes any problems I have in life seem like nothing! OH I LOVE YOU! Please write me back and tell me more about yourself. Your NOT a CLOWN! in the eyes of YAHUSHUA Messiah your called HIS BELOVED CHILD! and your NOW a " CITIZEN OF HEAVEN" though you may be mocked don't let ANYONE steal that Citzenship away from you! I want to meet you face to face in Heaven one day! What a day of rejoicing that will be when YAHUSHUA introduces me to all those that he used me to plant that seed of Salvation and to hug them and know my suffering in life was ALL WORTH IT ! Darling Child of YAHUSHUA Messiah What a day of rejoicing that will be!

Now Please read this again and Pray this again, Feel what your saying, understand what your saying, and Please answer the important questions I asked. By the way how old are you ? Has anyone else tried to lead you to YAHUSHUA Messiah?

Thank you Lord YAHUSHUA Messiah You who are the LOVE of MY Life for entrusting me with the song and visit from "A Citizen from Hell" Please as you have lead this soul to you by using what your Holy Spirit wrote and anointed, use this One as the first fruit of Millions coming to you through that UGLY seed I planted as directed by the Holy Spirit! Help me with the finances YAHUSHUA so I can freely offer a bible and this song to all those that want it . Bless this Child of yours who heard the Horror of HELL and chose to RUN into your LOVING ARMS YAHUSHUA!

Your the ONLY ONE that PAID the price to keep us OUT OF HELL! Please USE this Person to lead MANY of souls to your loving arms YAHUSHUA Messiah! USE this man or woman, only you know now, to speak in boldness and reach those souls I cannot reach for the Kingdom of Heaven! Anoint this Precious one this day and as you showed me on the day I recieved you as ALMIGHTY GOD and SAVIOR the reality of YAHUSHUA Messiah you took away ALL desire to sin!

Please do the same for this one that wrote me and confesses you today as ALMIGHTY GOD and LORD and SAVIOR! Wrap your arms around this person now and let them feel your LOVE and MERCY in a new way! Show this person your a GOD of MIRACLES! Provide for EVERY need! in your name YAHUSHUA I pray! amen.

Always Pray in the name of YAHUSHUA Messiah when your asking for a prayer need. We come boldly before Father God JEHOVAH , YAHUSHUA Messiah is HIS son, and we must go before FATHER GOD JEHOVAH in YAHUSHUA Messiah'S NAME.

Looking foreward to hearing from you again. In fact I am sending this TWICE to make sure you recieve this email. I cover all computers, internet connections, and airwaves in the shed blood of YAHUSHUA Messiah, and bind you Satan and any demonic spirits away from this email, it will get safely into the computer of the one I am sending it to. Angels from Heaven will see to it ! and Protect this new little one who now calls YAHUSHUA GOD and SAVIOR!

If you have a Printer print this out and keep it ALWAYS as the date you recieved YAHUSHUA Messiah as LORD and SAVIOR! The day you stopped running from YAHUSHUA and instead RAN TOWARDS HIM into HIS loving ARMS! This is so long forgive me for any typo's no time to go over it. You will know what God meant, for he wrote this through me this day. Much love in YAHUSHUA Messiah ! Your SISTER in YAHUSHUA Messiah and I am here for you! Never think your alone again!

Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah

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