Poem Leading To Eternity:
Heaven? Hell?

by Brian

As we go careening through the highways of life, gaining momentum, faster, faster,  the signs, the markers; We laugh. How could a sign tell us anything? Besides, who could read them, who would read them, at this powerful speed? We are our destiny. We make the difference. We are in control. The signs try to stop us. That's all. We are in control. Who can stop us? The powerful make the difference. More power! More speed! The future is ours. What lies ahead is what WE make it. But wait! What is this in front of our faces? Is it the highway itself? Or is it one of us on the road?  Can't tell if it is the road or.... It waves. They wave. Do they dare to try to stop us, the powerful. Who are they but just another sign? Our engines roar with power. Who can stop this power? This sign... we will run it down... as our powerful beast roars down on this meek and frail little sign. We can see in its eyes. They are our eyes. They are the eyes of the road. They are the eyes of the universe. As we plow down this tiny weak sign, his eyes become our eyes. Our eyes see from his eyes. The road we come from does not matter. What we were is now not a part of us. The powerful beast has been taken away. It roars with great power. It was proud to have smashed the little sign. But what it did... it brought us.... it brought the sign together. That little sign stood in the road and stopped the mighty beast, gave itself for us. Though the sign was small, its heart was the heart of the universe and we were amazed when that little sign got up from being crushed by the powerful beast and turned His back to the beast. The beast was powerless. The little sign won over that beast It won for us, forever....


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